Schweizer Fleisch+ Recipes


DIT, On-set-edit and postproduction of 48 recipes for the «Schweizer Fleisch Academy». The tutorial videos won Gold at the «Edi.16 Awards» in the category Online & Multimedia. The App for Smartphone and Tablet has been downloaded over 140'000 times.

«Edi.16 Award» winning cooking tutorial videos for the «Schweizer Fleisch Academy» produced by Shining Pictures. DIT, on-set-edit and postprodution.


– 34 meat preparation and 10 complete menus as video and step-by-step photo manuals
– Knowledge base on meat and preparation and extensive collection of recipes
– Integrated software for Bluetooth thermometers
– Touch-free scrolling in the recipes by hand movement

«Schweizer Fleisch Academy» works as a website and is available as an App for smartphones and tablet. The app was launched with a broad-based campaign and is already top in the category «Food and Drink». In addition the app is among the master nominations at the «Best of Swiss Apps Award 2015».