Dorftelefon+ Casefilm

Visit the village

Documentary and Casefilm production of «the village phone promotion». The PR & communication promotion won GOLD at «European Excellence Award» Berlin / Germany in category Experimental Marketing as well as BRONZE at «Eurobest» Roma / Italy in category Interactive. In association with the agency «Jung von Matt/Limmat» for Graubünden Tourismus.

«European Excellence Award» winning «Aktion Dorftelefon» film produced by Ferrari&Kämpfen in collaboration with «Jung von Matt/Limmat» for Graubünden Tourismus.

The Campaign

The Graubünden region has many small villages. Tschlin is one of the quietest. It’s so quiet that when the phone in the village square rings you can hear it everywhere. The people of Tschlin wanted to demonstrate this with a promotion. The promise: if you call us on this phone and we don’t hear it, you will win a holiday. The promotion was launched with an online video, which ran for six days. The participants could see villagers on the phone, live on a website.

Creative Execution

Through an installed camera in the phone booth everyone could see which villager was actually speaking. A second one has been installed on a roof to help the participants see if someone was near the phone and to prove that nobody was waiting next to it. The promotion took place for six days from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. During the night, there was only silence, because an answering machine was on so that the inhabitants could sleep. No actors were involved or needed, because every local was enthusiastic about the idea and helped organize this exceptional week.

In six days: over 30,000 calls 3,906 conversations over 1.5 million viewings of the online videos 23 million reached through media

The promotion took place from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. during a working week. That way people could participate when they most longed for peace and tranquillity. Thanks to the website, phone and some additional videos, which documented the promotion during the week, they were able to experience the friendly inhabitants and the quiet village for themselves.